Yes! This is the guy, Sheldon.

Let's be honest. You and my mom know that people don't read a bio unless it's short.

  • My real Korean name is Myeongseok Cheon (천명석)
  • Big Bang Theory gave me the nickname Sheldon
  • Art Director in the US, Copywriter in South Korea
  • Sorry mom, I'm not an engineer
  • Friendly Street Baller (I AM FRIENDLY)
  • Joined the family trade of advertising to make a family
  • Good listener, super creative stalker
  • Traditional advertising is not dead
  • Enjoy buying you coffee
  • I think I'm funny (Shaking my head)

Hit me up whenever/whatever you want. 
If you're a space man, freaking WELCOME.
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* I have an 0-1 Artist Visa allowing me to work in the US legally *