Intern Payback Boutique

I was an unpaid intern.  So, I opened a small shop on e-Bay to make money by selling ECD birthday balloons, ACD hair beard and CD pencils that are full of inspiration. Here's one thing I can say: I don't sell. I inspire and make money.

Click Here to shop the Intern Payback Boutique.

Product Details
Basically, all products are custom made. In other words, they are all limited edition. I have 1 product each. However, if you need extra items, let me know. I will capture one of my creative and make a fresh item, just for you. But, you should pick it up. Sorry, no exceptions. Sometimes, I'm stubborn. 

Currently One Item Is On Sale
He is a Jr. Copywriter working at an advertising agency. Here is some small talk to make a deal.
Sheldon (Me) : Hey, I want to sell you on e-Bay. I estimate you to cost $10.
Item (Jr. Writer) :  Ahahahaha! No way. At least $15.
Sheldon : $15?
Item (Jr. Writer) : Yup
Sheldon : It might be hard to sell, but ok. You cost $15.