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Sha2k is not a fish,
it’s a musical duo.

I and my brother (Ben Doessel) call ourselves Sha2k.
Just imagine Dro5a. But in a version of quirky lab: MUSIC.


you probably won’t like it
because you’re from the earth.

This is one of our musical experiments. Why don’t we take all the weird sound from outer space and turn them into a track? So, we indirectly worked with NASA Soundcloud; Jupiter sounds, raw sounds from Apollo, that kinda stuff.

Click S P A C E M U S I C to understand space man.

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GREAT celebration (featuring kb)

This track is all about our ad life; million dollar banner briefs, endless client revision requests, that kinda stuff. But, one thing we want to declare is “no matter what you’re doing, our life is all about great celebration. So keep celebrating.” Oh, one really amazing honor is, we worked with one of the legendary creative resource manager: Kevin Brown. To me, he’s like Kanye West in advertising industry.


We’ve had more tracks that haven’t been beautifully carved yet.

Wait for us until you see headlines of Sha2k from The New York Times.


P.S. here’s a L I N K that you can fall into ocean with us. NVM if you don’t swim.


Sha2k T-shirt

T-shirts celebrating sharks in the Leo Burnett office.

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