The Greatest Recruit

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The Greatest Recruit

We launched a recruitment campaign for the glorious leader: Kim Jong Un.
A way to fill the thousands of vacancies left behind by the defectors.

BBC "North Korea is hiring on LinkedIn - in a spoof charity campaign."
GIZMODO "Do You Want to Go and Work in North Korea?"
Agency Spy "Most Glorious Man on Earth’ Kim Jong Un Now Hiring."
The DRUM "Creatives call out Kim Jong Un with parody LinkedIn profile."
DIGIDAY "Why a Kim Jong Un parody account is doling out jobs in North Korea."


Case Study

I don’t like watching case study but when I do, I do watch “The Greatest Recruit”


how kim jong un
took over linkedin.

Step 1

Kim Jong Un took to major job search sites to announce unlimited job openings in North Korea.
The jobs were posted by glorious leader himself. And people loved it.


Step 2

Eventually, LinkedIn shut us down. So, we took to Twitter.


Step 3

Every application redirected to a landing page for Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), a non-profit aimed at helping North Koreans escape. They made a bunch of money, and we spent $215 including taxes. (job openings) It was a good time for everyone.


Step 4

Watch the short film. It’s pretty modern. You’ll like it.